Expert advice

What is the cause of external condensation on the window?

This phenomenon can most often be seen in spring and autumn. It is caused by higher air humidity as well as higher differences between interior and outdoor temperatures. This  phenomenon is a natural occurrence and does not represent a fault in the glass or window.

How to improve the window air-tightness?

The window air-tightness can be improved by the adjustment of latches and pivots on the window hardware. The adjustment points depend on a hardware type. To get support on this issue, please contact the point of sale or the manufacturer of the window.

Cleaning the frames

You can clean the frames with a standard washing-up liquid. However, the best results are btained when special care agents for profiles, available from the manufacturers of PVC joinery, are used.

How are the corner windows installed?

The corner windows are connected together with the 90 degree or 135 degree connector.

What is the cause of internal condensation on the window?

The air humidity in the room is probably too high. Check the natural ventilation and ensure fresh air from outdoors, e.g. by a short and intense airing or open the window sash slightly for a longer period. However, the technical service visit is required when water vapour condensation occurs inside the glazing units. It may be caused by the glazing unit leakage and if this is the case, the glazing unit must be replaced.

Number of the window chambers

Is the condensation on the 5 chamber window higher than the condensation on e.g. a 3 chamber window? The answer is no. The number of chambers has no direct influence on the condensation on the window, but it affects its frost penetration and mechanical properties. In winter period, water vapour condensation is caused by low temperature of glass and profile. At the same time, users do not air their homes with suitable frequency because of low outdoor temperatures which results in the air humidity increase in their homes. Low temperature of glass/profile and increased air humidity entails exceeding the dew point and water vapour condensation.

What is the cause of permanent bending of the window sashes?

Is your window sash bent in an arch? In the PVC windows, a sash takes the shape of a frame, and therefore check the frame first. Small deformations on the sash are permitted provided that tightness to wind and rainwater penetration is maintained. A window should open and close easily.

What to do in case of the leakage of a glazing unit?

When condensation appears between window panes, it means that there is a leakage of the glazing unit. In that case, the glazing unit must be replaced.

Warm glass

The warm glass stands for a glazing unit in which one of the panes is covered with the heat reflecting coating. The glass prepared in this way helps to maintain temperature in rooms, and thus to reduce heating costs. The warm glass is the standard equipment of the windows manufactured by MONOLIT.

When to remove a protection film from the windows?

When installation of the windows is planned later, a protection film should be removed within three months of the window delivery date at the latest. In the case the windows are installed immediately after delivery, a protection film should be removed within one month of the installation date.

Permeability coefficient

The permeability coefficient is the air volume penetrating through the window in a specified time. Its value is defined in the Technical Approval.

Is the window width or its height given first for the window dimensions?

As for the window dimensions, you first give the window width and then its height.